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As we all know, we are present here today to celebrate The National Youth Day.
National Youth Day was started in India in 1984. National Youth Day in India is
celebrated on January 12 to commemorate the birthday of Swami Vivekananda.

Youth day or Yuwa Divas importance

year, 12 January in India is dedicated to the youth and on this day Swami
Vivekananda was also born. This year too, this day will be celebrated as Youth
Day as well as the 157th birth anniversary of Vivekananda ji all over India.


Vivekananda was named Narendranath Dutt by his parents. Born in 1863 in a
wealthy family in the city of Calcutta, Vivekananda’s guru’s name was Sri
Ramakrishna. It was from his guru that Vivekananda received spiritual education
and spread the ideas of Hindutva and his guru all over the world. 

In the year
1893, his speech in the World Parliament held in America is still remembered by
the people. In his speech, he presented the ideas of India, Hinduism and his
guru Sri Ramakrishna in front of the world. Vivekananda ji visited many
countries of the world in his lifetime and introduced Yoga and Vedanta all over
the world.

National youth day 2023 speech | rastriya yuva diwas bhasan 2023

youths  are the  pillar, future and good
resource of the country since they have potentialities to  bring
the  change. Youths  are  the
period  between childhood  and
adulthood,  spring  of life  and
are  the most important  and dynamic  segment of
the popula-tion of any country.

youth as “characterized by the spirit of adventure and the
shine of energy, tempered
by  a  growing  sense  of  responsibility  and  maturity.

“Age  is  basically  a  biological  factor,  contributes  to social   differentiation.   It  distributes  privileges,  and
responsibilities, rights and duties, in term of separate statuses.

Youths are the period between childhood and adulthood, spring
of life and  are the  most important and dynamic segment of
the population of any country. Youth is the age of discovery and dreams have
the power to transform the  nation into  a
better  place. We can indisputably  say
that  today’s young   are   tomorrow’s   innovators,    creators,
builders and  leaders of the  nation. 

fight  for an identity in  society, equality, Justice,
homelessness, unemployment, exploitation, poverty and have  to
fight  with other  social problems  like
Female  Foeticide, dowry, human rights and gender issues which the
youth of India as well as Chhattisgarh faces today. Youth have now more
responsibilities towards their own country. We need to learn from yesterday and
live with hope for a better tomorrow. We can learn from our past how the young
warriors shed their blood for the country.


Role  and Responsibility  of Youth: 

The  Policy ex-horts  the  youth
to  fulfil their  responsibilities, which 
are enumerated below: 

•  To  contribute  to  sectoral,  family  and  self evelopment;   and   to promote  social  and  inter generational  understanding  as  well  as  gender

• To extend respect to teachers, elders, parents and family
in consonance with our cultural norms and 

• To uphold
the  unity  and  integrity of
the  Nation, maintain peace and harmony, observe Fundamen
tal Duties & respect the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
guaranteed under the Constitution to all 
sections of the people; 

 • To respect others‟
faiths  and  beliefs in the religious,   cultural   and   social   spheres  and  different 
schools of thought; and to neither  exploit
nor  be instrumental in the exploitation of fellow citizens 
and other persons, especially women;

• To promote and practise appropriate standards of ethical   conduct   in   individual   and  social  life,  to maintain honesty and integrity of character and be committed
to fight against all forms of corruption, 
social evils and practices.

 • To preserve and protect the Environment 

• To commit themselves to creating a discrimina tion
and  exploitation-free environment, and    to 
devote  their  time and  energy
in  nation-building activities.

Youth in India play very important role in the politi-cal,
economic and social development of the country.   The
contribution of the youth is essentially important in  the
development  of rural and urban areas


When is National Youth Day celebrated?

Ans- January 12 

When was National Youth Day celebrated for the first time?

Ans- 1985 

When was National Youth Day declared?

Ans- 1984 

National Youth Day is celebrated on the birthday of which great man?

Ans- Swami Vivekananda 

When is International Youth Day celebrated?

Ans- August 12





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