Cg E-Procurement


Chhattisgarh Government, Water Resources Department Office
Chief Engineer Mahanadi Godavari Cachar, Raipur Tender No. 119648/ Tender
Notice No. 11/ The first invitation for e-procurement tender notice has been
advertised under Valeli/2022;23, Chhuikhadan dated 9/12023. Online tenders are
invited by 5:30 pm on 30th January 2023 for the following works:

Name of the work- Khairagarh-Chuikhadan-Gandai District
Development Block Chuikhadan Angarta Siddhababa Reservoir Scheme Feeder Main 2
Canal R.D. 14610 m to RD; Construction up to 22230 meters, as well as 10 miner
heads, 12 pieces of DC. 12. Construction work of 2 canal siphons 1 piece super
money, 1 piece isfe 1 piece falashbar 5 inlet 2 ns fal and 22 naga colaba

Estimated cost Rs.1212.01 lakh (as on 1.8.2010 so.or and
revised 1.8.2014)

Other details and detailed tenders can be viewed and
downloaded on the e-Project8rement website of The
Government of Chhattisgarh from 5.31 pm on 16 January 2023.

Note- To participate in the tender, it is mandatory for the
contractors to enroll / register on the e-procurement website and register the contractor in the suitable
category under the Integrated Registration System of the Public Works

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