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Zupee review
Zupee review

Immerse yourself in the thrill of playing Ludo real money online games for free, only on Zupee. Our platform offers a seamless gaming experience and a chance to challenge your skills and win real Ludo money.

Zupee is an innovative online gaming platform that combines entertainment and real cash winnings. It is primarily a skill-based platform, requiring strategic gameplay to win. Players can play 2 types of super-fast online ludo games for free and stand a chance to win real Ludo money: 

1) Ludo Supreme: Multiplayer online game

2) Ludo Supreme League: Single-player online tournament

**Why Play Ludo Online on Zupee**

  • – Win Cash for Free
  • – Free-to-play ludo online games
  • – Super-fast Ludo gameplay. Less than 10mins!
  • – Easy to play online Ludo rules. 
  • – Opportunity to win real money by playing free games!
  • – Instant cash winnings withdrawal. 
  • – User-friendly interface.

How to Play Ludo Online Games & Win Real Money

Download Zupee App, from the Google Play Store to play Ludo online games. You can now play two variations of online Ludo – Ludo Supreme & Ludo Supreme League.. Our team is working on adding more free-to-play casual skill games. So, stay tuned for the latest developments! 

Here are 6 steps to play Ludo online games, post Ludo app download:

Step 1: Select the Ludo game

Select your preferred online ludo game based on whether you want to play multiplayer or single-player. Ludo Supreme is a multiplayer game where 2-4 players can play. Ludo Supreme League is an online single-player Ludo tournament where you compete with other players to rank higher on the leader board.

Step 2: Select Ludo game mode

After deciding which game to play, it’s time to select the gameplay mode. Ludo Supreme offers four gameplay modes – 1vs1, 1 winner, 2 winners, and 3 winners. Ludo Supreme League is a single-player, online multiplayer tournament where a player tries to win real Ludo money by making it on the top of the leader’s board.

Step 3: Start the game

Tap on the dice, and depending on the number, select the token you want to move. You don’t need a 6 to start.

Step 4: Capture token

When you play Ludo Supreme, you can land on the opponent’s token presented on the board to capture it. However, while playing Ludo Supreme League, you have 12 tokens already placed on the board. Every player in the tournament gets the same board with tokens put in the same place. Capture the token by landing on it, and earn points on Ludo Supreme League.

Step 5: Earn maximum points

You get 1 point for each box moved for both Ludo Supreme and Ludo Supreme League. Moreover, you earn 56 points on Ludo Supreme to take each token home, unavailable in Ludo Supreme League.

To win, you need to earn maximum points. There are various ways to do that. Take a look at the gameplay video post downloading the Ludo app! 

Step 6: Earn Extra moves

For both Ludo online games, you get an extra move to capture the opponent’s token,  when you take a token home, and when you roll a 6. 

Step 7: Win the Ludo game

You win by earning the maximum points on Ludo Supreme. To win the Ludo Supreme League, you must earn maximum points and rank the highest on the leaderboard.

The excitement and thrill of competing with numerous players, developing strategies, and aiming for the win keep the players hooked to online ludo games. So, what are you waiting for?

Download Zupee Money Gaming App & start playing online Ludo games for free!

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