Upcoming Cg Movies 2023

Here, we come up
with the list of Upcoming Cg movies in 2023-2024 with Release Dates
and Latest Trailers for New Chhattisgarhi Movies. This list covers
the New Updated Chhollywood movies that have been released in 2023-24
and new movies releasing this Month And year . The list will be
updated as the year goes by and is subject to changes according to
censor certification. Below listed are all the important cast
information, official trailers, and updates about all major stars Of
cg movie films.

We are trying very
hard to prepare a complete list of all upcoming Cg
movies list. Click on Movie name to see the complete details
of the films.

Awasthi,Mann Qureshi,Karan-Khan,Rajesh Awasthi,Dilesh Sahu,Gulshan
Sahu,Anupam Bhargav,Kranti Dixit.Amit Chakravarty,Pushpendra
Singh,Pradeep Sharma,Rajnish Jhanjhi,Jayesh
Kamavarapu,Akash-Soni,Hemlal-Kaushal,Ashraf-Ali,Jeet Sharma,Ajay
Patel,Bhunesh Sahu,Sanjay
Batra,Sanjay Mahanand,Jagesh Verma,Sandeep pattil,Sandeep pattil,
Dilip Ray etc

Anikriti Chauhan. Muskan Sahu. Sonali Shahare. Mona Sen.
Shikha Chitambare. Maya Sahu. Elsa Ghosh. Aastha Dayal.etc are main actors in
Chhattisgarhi Industry.  are main actress of Cg movies.
prepaired a list of forthcoming Chhollywood movies will be release in
year 2023 and 2024.

Khati mitan Krishna Anuj


Kaka Jinda He,

Zero Banhi Hero,

Dulha Raja

Dulhan Uhi Jaun Piya
Man Bhaye


BA Final Year


Le Suru Hoge Maya KeKahani

Radhe shyam

Jimi Kanda


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