What is Smartphone । Smartphone Definition & Features


A smartphone is defined as “a mobile phone that offers advanced capabilities,

often with PC-like functionality, and that is no longer limited to making voice calls”. 

Taking technical perspective into consideration  inspected several smartmobile phones from various vendors and rated them according to its features, form factor, weight, and energy. 

They recommended a set of nineteen features out of which eleven features are must, for a smartphone to enable users to adopt Modern and commerce applications

  1. Multitasking operating system,
  2. Robust system on chip (SOC) processor,
  3. Real QWERTY Keypad,
  4. Larger display with high resolution,
  5. The Internet accesses a minimum of 3g speed,
  6. Business productivity tool,
  7. E-mail, SMS, MMS, IM services,
  8. Personal information management,
  9. Host synchronization,
  10. Voice communication and voicemail,
  11. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

Finally, they found that the factors such as convenience, ease of use and security, privacy, and reliability were the key drivers for smartphone adoption among Chinese consumers. User-friendly nature of smartphone interface and its amazing applications  has caused its users to use it for various purposes [such as i.)

  • Quick information search,
  • Location-Based Services (LBS),
  • Quick Response (QR) code,
  • Near Field Communication (NFC), and 
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)] .

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