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Lottery Introduction ! what is lottery

The Word Lottery Is Derived From The German Word ‘Lot’ Which Means Fortune Or Trial. Encyclopedia Britannica Defines Lottery As A Game Of Hazard In Which Small Sums Are Ventured With The Chance Of Obtaining A Large Sum  Sometimes It May Also Be In The Form Of Articles. It Is A Contest For Prizes In

Which The Contestant Surrenders Considerations-Money Or Some Other Stake And Which Is In Whole Or In Part Determined By Chance. Lotteries Have Been Used Widely For Amusement, To Determine The Ownership Among Multiple Claimants, To Dispose Of Private Property, To Raise Money For Benevolent Purposes And Also As A Substitute For Taxation By Governments.

chhattisgarh lottery sambad
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Lotteries In India

In India The First Lottery Was Established In 1771 In Madras By Lord Mccartney To Raise Money For The Empty Treasury. A Lottery Under Government Control Was Started In 1817. Thereafter Many Changes Took Place In The Evolution Of Lottery. The First Prize Of The Lottery Conducted In 1832 Was Rs.1 Lakh And The Total Prize Amount Was Rs.492000. The Scheme Consisted Of 6000 Tickets In Two Classes. (The St. George Gazette Jan 4 1832) . The Prize Of The Ticket In The First Class Was Rs.30 And Additional Prize Of The Ticket Bought And Not Drawn In The First Class Was Rs.60. The Prize Of The Ticket In The Second Class Was Rs.90. The Prize Amount And The Cost Of Ticket Are Directly Related. It Is Also Felt That Even About 200 Years Back High Valued Tickets Were In Existence. Later The Madras Government Tried Many Experiments With The Lottery System By Varying Lottery Schemes.

The Famous Moore Market In Madras Was Built Out Of Funds Raised From Lotteries. The Victoria Public Hall, The Ripon Building And The  Government Museum Theatre In Madras Owed Their Existence To Lotteries Partly  In Other Parts Of The Country The Most Popular Lottery Was The Goa Lottery. The Portuguese Government Authorized The Holy House Of Charity (Santa Cara Miseri Cordia) To Run A Lottery For Financing Its Welfare Works In Goa. In 1947 Portuguese Founded “Provedoria Da Assistantia Publica” Institute .

The Travancore Government, During The Rule Of H.H. Sree Chithira Thirunal Balaramavarma Organized A Lottery For Rs.1000000 Of Which 50 Percent Was Utilized For Aid In The Second World War (Travancore Administration Report) . The Founder Of Malayala Manorama, Kandathil Varghese Mappila Started A Lottery In 1893 To Raise Funds To Complete The Construction Of M.D. Seminary High School. In 1927 Poet Vallathol Narayana Menon Organized A Lottery To Collect Funds For The Benefit Of The Kerala Kalamandalam..

Private Lotteries Were Rather Few Till Independence. Even The Few That Existed Were Given Permission To Conduct It Only After Giving An Undertaking That Profits Accrued Would Be Used For Public Welfare Activities. Ranger Club Bengal, D.B. Charities Fund Calcutta, H.R. Charities Fund, K.C. Charities Fund And Basanthi Raffles Cuttack Etc. Were The First Few Lotteries In India.

chhattisgarh lottery sambad । chhattisgarh lottery ticket

Talking about Chhattisgarh lottery sambad (cg lottery) , it is not organized by the state government. Lottery sambad ticket is sold in other states of India. The chhattisgarh lottery result is not declared by the state government.

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