Basi Tihar 2023 | Bore basi Diwas Speech, Essay, Wishes, Imprtance, History

Bore Bashi Tihar 2023-Speech, Essay, Wishes, Image

In Chhattisgarh, Bore Basi Tihar is celebrated
on May
1 every year. The initiative to celebrate Bore
Bashi Tihar was first taken by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. He believes that
the people of Chhattisgarh should not give up their tradition but celebrate it
as Tihar.

What Is Bore Bashi Tihar

Bore Bashi Tihar is a festival made on the
occasion of World Labour Day, which shows the contribution of stale food in the
hard work of farmers and laborers to honor them. On this day, stale food is
eaten and served in homes and institutions.

Why Celebrate Bore Bashi Tihar 

The Government of Chhattisgarh has started
celebrating many types of festivals such as Teeja, Pora, Hareli publicly to
promote rural and Chhattisgarhi culture in the state. Its mean. This will
enable the new generation to get more knowledge about the culture of the state.
Apart from this, people will get to know about Chhattisgarhi culture in other
states and the world and if they want, they will be able to take advantage of

Benefits of eating bore basi

There are many benefits of eating bor basi
i.e. stale food.

The research of Chhattisgarh’s famous Bora Basi
has also been done in America. There it is named Whole Night Water Soking Rice
in English. Research has found that sacks of stale contain about
percent more calories than freshly made rice (rice). Apart from this, it has
been found in many researches that along with the abundance of vitamin B
12 in
sack stale, iron, potassium, calcium are also rich. Bora stale also works to
control blood pressure and hypertension.

Bora stale has also been included in the menu
of restaurants and hotels in Chhattisgarh.

History of Bore Basi     

In the scorching sun and heat, when the working
workers and farmers of Chhattisgarh open their box by laying a pot for food,
they definitely see sacks stale with patal chutney, glue. Although people were
familiar with this sack stale rich in nutrients, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister
Bhupesh Baghel has played an important role in giving it a new identity at the
global level. He has also invited all the workers for the labor conference
organized in Raipur in the meeting program organized in Kurud Assembly
constituency of Dhamtari district.

Vegetables are usually eaten with stale. In
terms of nutritional value, iron elements are present in abundance in bhaji.
Apart from this, yogurt or mahi is consumed with stale. In which there is a
large amount of calcium. Given the benefits of its consumption, it is gradually
becoming popular in the country and abroad. From children to the elderly, they
also like to eat it with great interest. Bora-stale is an important part of the
lifestyle here.

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